Yes, You Need a Personal Website and Here are 3 Reasons Why


I created my personal website over a year ago. I remember loving the process. Choosing the colors. The typography. The words you read on the page. 

I’m a creative at-heart. I love my little projects, and my personal website was probably the most fun to create out of all of them. 

As human beings, we have a yearning desire to be known and understood by the world. A personal website is an attempt to bridge the gap between who you are and who people think you are. It offers people a clear understanding of what you do, and why you do it. Most of all, it allows you to write and control your own narrative. 

I remember realizing this very early on in my career. I felt insecure about my professional standing. It bothered me. I was fresh-faced out of college and felt terribly out of my league and inexperienced. Yet, at the same time, I knew I was talented and capable. I just needed other people to see that, too.

A personal website (along with a personal marketing plan) allowed me to mold the perception that my colleagues and superiors had of me. It gave me the clarity, credibility, and recognition I needed to succeed as a young professional. Now, I’ve become the #1 personal brand strategist on Google, and I get to work at my absolute dream job (the very job and title I’ve created for myself).

My personal website has become a pathway into a more fulfilled and purposeful lifestyle. That’s part of the reason I love designing them for other professionals; I want to help you find the same thing. Here are the reasons you may want to consider starting a personal website:

Your personal website is a live portfolio of your work and achievements.

Why wait for someone to ask for your resume or LinkedIn profile when you can direct potential employers, investors, or clients to a live portfolio? We must make it incredibly easy for people to want to hire and work with us. Having a personal website shows that you are serious about your professional life and that you are easy to work with. (People love easy--the easier the better). 

Remember that people are visual. A resume can oftentimes look dull and lackluster. A personal website has the freedom to be much more extensive and engaging since it allows for the inclusion of photos, work samples, and even testimonials. We always want to “show” vs. “tell”. A website can SHOW the importance of your work, without you having to tell them.

You control the narrative.

A personal website allows you to remain in control of your personal image and story. It will become a space to control perception and influence decision-makers (in a good way). You can write your won story, choose your brand colors, and organize your thoughts based on the objectives you have for your personal brand. Relying on other social media platforms to tell your own story can be limiting and less effective.

Many of my clients find the process of creating a personal website to be an amazing period of self-discovery. With the right strategy and tools, this can be a great way to learn more about yourself and clarify the message you want to share with the world. Have you thought about what this might be, yet? Your website will give you an opportunity to put your best boot forward and attract other like-minded individuals who share similar values and principals. (By building my personal brand, I have met so many amazing entrepreneurs who have helped me become a better businesswoman)!

Stand apart from the competition.

There are hundreds of thousands of people in the world who do exactly what you do. We live in a digital era where everyone is competing for our time and attention. To succeed in this digital space, it’s imperative to break through the noise and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Having a personal website is innovative--it’s going the extra mile--and it lets the world know that you are serious about your work.

If someone tries to find you on social media, (or find your resume in a clouded inbox) you could get lost among the other professionals who share your name or title. But if you have a personal website aggregating your various networks (and put that URL on your resume), you will likely make a strong impression and achieve the goals you have for your personal brand.

There is still an opportunity to get ahead of the game if you start now. Don’t wait. A personal website is your competitive advantage. It will land you better clients, job opportunities, and advancements. 

To get started, schedule a clarity call with me and we will get you set up.