The 4 Things You Need to Succeed on Instagram


There is so much conflicting information out there when it comes to Instagram. I’ve read all the blog posts, purchased the courses, and follow huge accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers for so long. I’ve studied the gram’, let me tell you.

Most of the time, this is what we’re all wondering:

  • When to post, when not to post.

  • Who to follow, which hashtags to use.

  • Which filter accurately represents the desired aesthetic… which filter just looks like shit. (lol)

And chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re wondering if you’re doing this thing right.
After all, Instagram seems to have a mind of it’s own these days.

This year, I’ve helped Authors, Executives, Influencers, CEOs, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs build their personal brand using Instagram—and these are the 4 things I tell them they absolutely 💯need to succeed on this app:

Have a purpose.

Have you asked yourself why you want to build your personal brand, yet? If the answer is to get more followers and likes on your posts, then you are going to have a very difficult time proving to people why they should follow you. When we have a clearly defined sense of purpose. our work becomes more effective and valuable for ourselves and others.

Provide value.

Do not create content with the intent to share, create content with the intent to serve. You are here to serve your audience—whether that be through information, entertainment, or a personal experience—give them something valuable and thought-provoking. Both parties win when the brand creator shares value-rich content that seeks to give back to the world. 

Be polarizing.

Your personal brand is a true extension of your honest self—it’s about communicating yourself honestly and intentionally. You can’t half-ass authenticity, this is an all-or-nothing kind of quality. The best personal brands are certain, polarizing, and intentional. Say what EXACTLY you mean and stop worrying about what other people think of you.

Transcend Instagram. 

Stop putting all your eggs in one basket. Don’t trick yourself in believing that Instagram is a sure thing. What happens when people get tired of it and move on to something else? (Hi TikTok). When we optimize ALL of our digital assets, we create a personal brand that transcends a singular social media platform. I urge you to start thinking about your presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and your own personal website and email list. What do these look like for you? If you haven’t touched them in a few months, maybe it’s time to take a harder look.

Follow these steps and you’ll find personal branding success. Show up with intention, ready to serve your audience, in a way that’s 100% authentic and genuine. Be polarizing! And Get yourself off of IG and on to other platforms before it’s too late.

What has been the most challenging part of Instagram? Tell me in the comments below.