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Convey your personal story in a way that moves decision-makers.


Say Hello to this Era’s Competitive Advantage


The term “personal brand” exists because, just like a company, we are public-facing. We exist across the media, on different channels, not on the “news,” but on the news feed. We live in the golden era—the most opportune time to win and prosper on the internet. And it’s just getting started. A powerful personal brand is a vehicle to shape awareness and influence decision-makers. When done correctly, it will be purposeful: shifting the trajectory of your career, organization, and

professional standing. It will take you from capable to credible, known to sought-after, and unconnected to top-of-mind. The strongest form of marketing you will ever exercise lies in the power of your own personal story. As a personal brand consultant, my mission is to teach entrepreneurs and executives how to leverage their unique personality and professional expertise to drive growth and raise company brand awareness.


I help my clients with:

Personal Brand Messaging & Positioning
Social Media Optimization
Content Marketing Strategy
Visual Identity Guidelines
Audience Identification
Brand Collateral


My Process

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INITAL consultation

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ongoing consultations
focused on implementation

Personal Brand Consultant

Customized personal brand strategy

Personal Brand Consultant

analysis & review


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