Samary Polnett

Samary Polnett is a children's author, speaker and psychotherapist turned coach. Her love for coaching started after years of working with clients who felt unfulfilled and dissatisfied with their lives. She decided to shift her career from therapy into coaching this last year to focus on helping individuals fuel their passions in life.


Samary’s previous website did not fully communicate her services, personality, and the amazing support she offers women of all backgrounds. She wanted her website to feel inviting, playful, and encouraging—just like the way she supports the clients she coaches and uplifts every day.

What I Did:

  • Website Design


I created a beautiful website that fully encompasses Samary’s kind personality, thoughtful spirit, and effective coaching skills. Now, prospective clients can better understand Samary’s mission, see the services she provides, and inquire with her seamlessly. The beautiful design encourages user trust and helps to build rapport with prospective clients.

Anna Vatuone