Malorie Yagelski

Malorie Yagelski is an entrepreneur, social media influencer and digital marketing expert who is co-founder and CEO at Mastery by Mal. In just under 6 months, Malorie and her partner Logan have scaled the business to 6-figures and have reached over 1500 students worldwide. Malorie has consulted over 300 individuals and small businesses and has been featured in major media publications such as NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox.

Malorie is an advocate for female entrepreneurs around the globe; she is passionate about providing her clients and students with a comprehensive social media strategy and rapid success through her professional guidance and expertise.

Malorie Yageslki


Malorie has a stand-out social media presence but her blog, website, and LinkedIn weren’t quite up to par. Her website didn’t accurately represent her desired image and personal brand while her LinkedIn profile lacked punch, purpose, and credibility. She needed her website to be a place where her audience could learn more about her, her company Mastery by Mal, and other exclusive services she provides. We wanted her LinkedIn to be a place where other brands, business leaders, and executives could clearly identify Malorie as an industry influencer for social media marketing.

What I Did:

  • Personal Brand Strategy

  • Website Design

  • Brand Messaging

  • LinkedIn Optimization


We used to leverage Malorie’s personal influence to support the growth of her business: Mastery by Mal. By creating her visual identity, clarifying her brand messaging, and offering her audience a place to learn more about her services—we achieved the results we were looking for. Now, Malorie has a website she can extend to her followers and potential partners and business leaders within the industry. I not only redesigned Malorie’s website, I optimized her LinkedIn profile so as to better represent her desired brand image and showcase her accomplishments and expertise.   

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