Kimberly Montague

Kim Montague is a masters prepared OB/OR nurse, Professor of Nursing, college-level online general education instructor, and a textbook/ebook/digital resources editor. She is a change agent in the areas of improved patient safety, and patient care outcomes. From patient care to nursing education, she leads with compassion and drives innovation in the workplace.

Kimberly Motnague


Kim was looking to showcase her distinctive talents and expertise in a comprehensive, unique, and visually appealing way. As the medical industry is extremely competitive, Kim wanted to stand apart from her competitors and establish herself as an industry influencer and innovator in her field.

What I Did:

  • Website Design

  • Personal Brand Messaging

  • LinkedIn Optimization


Kim hired me to design her website and optimize her LinkedIn profile to create a positive online presence and separate her apart from her competitors in her field and increase the likelihood of being placed in a favorable job position.

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