Phylis Mantelli

Phylis Mantelli is an author, mentor, and educator based in Silicon Valley. In overcoming her own childhood hardships, she has become an advocate for the unmothered; an encourager to women who experience mother/daughter dysfunction. Phylis nurtures a beautiful community of women; sharing truth, showing compassion, and expressing love to the daughter of women who didn’t know how to love them.

Phylis Mantelli


With Phylis’s new book launch approaching, she came to me with a desire to solidify her personal brand and create a strong online presence. She didn’t have enough understanding of how to use Instagram to create buzz and excitement around her new book launch. Her website was partially out of date and did not reflect the brand she wanted to portray to her audience.

What I Did:

  • Personal Brand Strategy

  • Instagram Optimization

  • Instagram Accelorated Growth

  • Website Design


The first thing I did for Phylis was to create a personal brand strategy which included font selections, color swatches, inspiration images, and a personal brand statement that reflected her title and position. After we worked on her personal brand strategy, I sat down with her to discuss Instagram. We created highlights, updated her profile picture, and decided on a strategy for posting photos and stories to support the growth of her brand. Phylis also hired me to grow her Instagram following. When I started she had 400 followers, two months later she is now at 1300!

Now, I am currently working on Phylis’s website that is set to launch this spring.  

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