Kierstyn McClellan

Kierstyn Mclellan is the owner of Kierstyn’s Kitchen--a company that supplies gorgeous charcuterie and crudite boards for weddings and special events. She shares custom recipes, lifestyle inspiration, and a whole lot of personality and sass on her channels. She’s a hoot! (She also happens to be my best friend--so this project was a lot of fun).   

Kierstyn McClellan


Kierstyn came to me when she was ready to take her traction on Instagram to the next level. In order to monetize her talent in the kitchen, she needed to have a way to showcase her beautiful work and list her services and pricing. She also wanted to have a dedicated place for recipes and other blog posts that were too long to fit in Instagram captions.

What I Did:

  • Personal Brand Strategy

  • Website Design

  • Copywriting/Brand Messaging


We created to showcase her work in the kitchen, list her services and pricing and include a blog where she can share posts that will drive traffic to her site and increase her sales. The website also serves as a visual guide to Kierstyn’s brand--a gorgeous palette that includes shades of lavender and mauve. Her website is simple, clean, and sophisticated while still showing off her dynamic personality.

Kierstyn McClellan Brand Board

Anna Vatuone