Kiersten Vavoulis

For individuals who appreciate a professional stylist with experience, meet Kiersten. She’s been building relationships behind the chair for 30+ years. Now, she’s working from her custom built salon in the heart of Silicon Valley, serving her clients as an expert hair stylist and self-esteemed educator.

Kiersten Vavoulis


Kiersten has been cutting hair for 30+ years. When she came to me about doing her website, she had just moved to a new area and was looking for a way to stay connected to her past and present clients while also garnering the attention of potential clients in the area.

What I Did:

  • Personal Brand Strategy

  • Website Design

  • Copywriting/Brand Messaging


I created as a way to showcase Kiersten’s unique skill set and manifest her distinctive value proposition. I created a place that would allow anyone to view her services and pricing and be able to inquire about them seamlessly. It was important to Kiersten and me that her website reflects the fresh, clean, and airy feeling that a client gets when they enter her salon--so I made sure to include deep hues of green and pops of light blue and turquoise that replicated some of the colorings in the salon. Kiersten’s website is a wonderful representation of her personality and brand--it helps clients to better understand what kind of experience they will have when they enter her salon.

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