Kayt Zirkle

Kayt Zirkle is the creator of The Zirkle Zoo, a motherhood and lifestyle blog based in Northern California. Having experienced a traumatic postpartum recovery, Kayt has become a strong advocate and resource for women who are entering motherhood for their first time. Through her unique stories and perspective, Kayt uplifts and inspires her readers to lead with vulnerability and purpose in motherhood and in life.



Kayt was serious about starting a motherhood and lifestyle blog, yet need help with the direction she wanted her brand to go. (i.e., color palette, fonts, brand mission, and Instagram strategy)

What I Did:

  • Personal Brand Strategy


I put together a personal branding deck that included a visual roadmap for Kayt’s ongoing work and projects. Think of this deck like a blueprint for her personal brand. It includes brand messaging, font recommendations, color palette, filter recommendation, and sample templates to promote future work on Instagram! Kayt now has a clearly identified roadmap that will guide her marketing and design initiatives.

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