This One Software Has Made Me a Better Business Owner


I’ll never forget the day I set up my HoneyBook account. I was beaming with absolute excitement. (Leave it to me to over-romanticize this entire moment. But honestly, it felt like the first day of High School or something).

It just so happened that I had used HoneyBook in a previous position, so when it was time for me to start thinking about managing my own business—this CRM (client relationship manager) was a no-brainer for me.


In my opinion, HoneyBook is more than just a software, it actually guides you through the process of running a small business. (Which is invaluable to me as a creative professional.) For instance, the interface is extremely user-friendly and prompts you to anticipate your client's needs through the entire customer journey.

There are built-in invoicing, proposals, contracts, custom step-by-step workflows, and integration between all of the programs you’re already using—like Squarespace. 

Using HoneyBook has made the more tedious parts of my job enjoyable and less time-consuming. There are so many powerful features that allow creative professionals to become better business owners. Today, I’d like to give you an up-close look at some of my favorites.


This is the pipeline. 

I love that I can keep track of all of my projects right here on the main page. HoneyBook actually calls it my “personal command center” because I can manage each stage of the customer journey, from inquiry to payment. 

Work with Me

This is what client communication looks like. 

I love that all of my conversations are streamlined through HoneyBook. As soon I click onto one of the projects under my pipeline, I can access and view all of our conversations in one organized place. I don’t have to sift through email threads to find what I’m looking for.

3 Photo.png

This is the client portal.

Each “project” has a special place to access all of the shared files and documents that are being sent back and forth. I can keep invoices, contracts, and brochures all one in place so both my client and I can access anything we need at any given time.

6 photo.png
5 photo.png

This is what’s included in a proposal. 

The template that HoneyBook provides is extremely professional and minimal. The best part? invoices, contracts, and payment can all be made through one simple file that’s easy to send to your client. Everything that you and your client may need is in one place. If there are any changes, updates, or signatures, those can be made without any unnecessary back and forth. This ensures that your company looks professional and organized (which is an absolute must for me). These proposals also allow you to showcase your brand through customizable design and photos. (Also a must).

**My favorite part of HoneyBook is being able to embed all of my packages into their template section. This means when it comes time to create a proposal, all I have to do is drag and drop. This saves so much time!**

7 photo.png

This is the power of automation.

You can make such a positive first impression with immediate responses. HoneyBook allows you to respond to all inquiries within minutes, automate appointment requests, automate follow-ups and automate thank you’s. 

This means more time to do what you love when you can free up your time with workflows! 

HoneyBook has been an absolute game-changer for my career. I am so passionate about what it does for creative professionals that I feel obligated to share it with you. 

Today, I’d like to offer you 50% off your first year of membership. No strings attached. ( You can actually start your free trial with no credit card required). 

And remember, if you have any questions, please feel free to use me as a resource. 

All my best,