Client Spotlight: Malorie Yagelski


I met Malorie six months ago when I took her widely acclaimed Instagram Growth Techniques course. Her course changed the trajectory of my entire career, because, unlike other e-courses or freebies, it provided actionable results. In just under 8 months her and her partner Logan have scaled a six-figure business supporting over 1200 students and influencers worldwide. Oh yeah, and Mal just graduated college one month ago. To say she has impressed me would be an understatement. Working with clients like Mal is the best part of my job. It’s rewarding to design a brand that is a true combination professional expertise and personal passions. I love how we depicted Mal’s personal brand on her website, here’s what we started with:

Brand Board:

We wanted her brand to feel colorful and vibrant, just like she is! We used a warm base with rich tropical colors to highlight her personality and love for the beach. For typography, I wanted it to to feel modern with a touch of edge so I opted for ITC Avante Garde Gothic and Adelle PE.

Mal Brand Board
Home Page 1
Home Page 2

Front Page

I wanted her home page to feel dynamic and interesting which is why I incorporated the abstract art, this adds an element of texture and movement to the entire website.

Select a Package
MBM Home

Highlight the Important Stuff

A big objective we both had while creating her site was to emphasize her company, Mastery by Mal. Not only did we highlight the courses offered, but we included information regarding mentorship, consulting, and exclusive services. If you are interested in having Malorie and her team help you achieve your goals on Instagram, click here:

Anna and Mal

Mal’s personal brand has been one of my favorite projects to date. To read more about her story, and learn more about Mastery by Mal, click here: