Client Spotlight: Kiersten Vavoulis

When Kiersten Vavoulis came to me about doing her website, I was over the moon excited to get started. I have known Kiersten since I was a little girl. Full disclosure, her son was was my first boyfriend in the sixth grade - we even held hands once, I think it may have been the highlight of elementary school. Her daughter also happens to be my best friend, so it’s safe to say that I know Kiersten fairly well. Or at least I thought I did. When we sat down at the table in her studio, she poured me a glass of red wine and we began discussing the vision she had for her brand. Kiersten has been doing hair for 20+ years, and has recently moved to a custom designed studio in a new location. We both saw this as an opportunity to develop her brand and create a fresh look given the new circumstance.

As we moved deeper into conversation, one thing was clear: Kiersten has proven herself a phenomenal business woman with talent, charisma, and serious experience under her belt.

While designing Kiersten’s brand board, I wanted to replicate the feel of her studio - which has the same pop of blue, clean lines, and a fresh feeling ora. For typography I paired Minerva Modern and LTC Bodoni for a modern, yet sophisticated finish. While looking at textures, I drew inspiration from the marble in her guest bathroom, and a piece of furniture with a blue finish sitting under the front window. The black and white texture blocks were to represent the black and white pieces in her studio, very clean, modern, and fresh. The inspiration images highlight the added greenery, brick, and mirroring.    

Kiersten's Brand Board

Kiersten’s website replicated the same look depicted in her brand board. I made sure to enable the parallax scrolling feature in order to make her site feel dynamic and interesting. The large image blocks of greenery and interiors make her homepage feel chic and welcoming, just the way her salon feels in real life.

Kiersten's Website 1
Kiersten's Website 2

Kiersten was a joy to work with during the entire process. Right from the beginning she had a clear direction for which she intended her brand to go. As a personal brand strategist, I help bring vision into fruition. Posing the right questions, having the right conversations, and sharing the same objectives are all part of building a great brand. Kiersten will continue serving and educating her clients, and I feel honored and grateful knowing I was able to offer a helping hand along the way. Check out her site and be sure to say hello!