The ROI of a Great First Impression

The ROI of a Great First Impression

Yesterday I met a woman who made a strong first impression on me. She struck me as someone who had clear objectives. She spoke clearly, her words were purposeful, and her questions were thoughtful and empathetic. I left the conversation feeling energized.

When’s the last time someone made a positive first impression on you? Was it in between meetings? At the gym? Happy hour?

Positive first impressions are like a breath of fresh air. When you meet someone who speaks with conviction, it’s memorable. So memorable you may invite them to your next event, refer their business to a colleague, connect with them on social media. First impressions lead to top-of-mind.

As a personal brand strategist, I am in the business of creating impactful first impressions.

I write compelling copy and design beautiful websites to shape how an audience perceives my client and their business. Because we live in a digital era, first impressions are increasingly made online--often without our knowledge.

Imagine that when a user clicks on to your homepage, they are shaking your hand. You smile, introduce yourself. The first thing you say is similar to the first thing they read. The first button they click is the first question you ask. Your website design is very similar to your image and personal style.

Is your shirt ironed? Teeth brushed? Hair combed? You bet your bottom dollar.

Now, can you say for the same for your website?

I speak with people almost every day about the cost and benefits of designing their site. For some, it’s a no brainer. For others, it appears somewhat like a luxury. I get it--websites can be a significant investment, and people want to know that it will lend them something valuable in return.

Here’s the truth, you can’t quantify first impressions. Positive first impressions lead to top-of-mind. They are invaluable as the gift that keeps on giving.  

When you make a positive first impression, here’s what you can expect to see in return:

More inquiries in your inbox every month.

Once a visitor has entered your website, the end goal is to convert them into a lead. (Even a follower) A website that looks and functions seamlessly has a much higher conversion rate than a bland/disordered site.

You have increased Brand Equity.

Your website will be a living, breathing, extension of you and your brand. It can influence decision makers positively through compelling headlines and “sexy” design. Ultimately, this will shape the way people speak and remember your brand.

Customer Retention.

Your website can be a powerful resource for your followers, customers, or clients. Use it as a place to provide real value, and they will always come back for more.  

Remember that poorly designed websites can hurt your brand. It takes seconds for someone to decide whether you are credible or legitimate by looking at your site. You can have the best business in the world, but it won’t matter if your mission isn’t clearly communicated and well-designed.

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