Gehl Meets World: The Launch

Sometimes your friend asks you to quit your job and to start a business with her - and sometimes you say, well, yes. I don’t think there was another option for me. It was intuitive, a natural step towards where I wanted to be. The concept for Event Hollow started with my business partner, Jennifer. After successfully raising a 6 figure business as a wedding planner, she was ready to solve the biggest problems in the events industry by introducing innovative technology to an antiquated line of business. With my background in digital marketing, along with our 15+ years of friendship, a business partnership seemed like a match made in heaven. I moved in with Jennifer and her family for 6 months, took a massive pay cut, and decided to take a stab at the world of entrepreneurship. A bit naive, a bit overzealous, though determined to give it a go.   

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We should get one thing straight, I thought we were starting a business, I had no intention of building an enterprise. Though, we quickly realized Event Hollow had the potential to scale, and could scale fast. It had the potential to make lives easier, experiences better. What I thought I had signed up for, which was establishing a small business of sorts, actually became much larger. The hours were longer, the commitment was far greater, and the pressure was incrementally elevated.

I didn’t step into Silicon Valley knowingly, when I finally understood what I was getting myself into, we were in far too deep to turn around.

The Valley is buzzing with energy and vigor. It’s a world designed for only it’s best players: the strategists, the visionaries, the ones who possess the moxie, grit, and resilience it takes to build something from the ground up. Though often inspiring and contagious, it’s an ecosystem notorious for playing hard ball. And truthfully, I’ve never felt more like an imposter. Learning how to navigate this new world has been a challenge. My value is continually questioned, my strength and capacity tested, my confidence shattered, and there are days where I don’t have the courage to wake up and do it all again.

This is not something anyone can teach you, it is a game of many dimensions, and it has certainly asked of everything I have to give.

Anna & Jenna

The reality is I’m 24 and I haven’t seen a paycheck in months, sometimes I’m totally burnt out, other times I’m on fire - ready to take on the world as it comes. I sacrifice comfort and stability for an opportunity at winning the gold. And if you told me that 1 year ago, I would have had to ask, “Well, why? Why do it?” Here’s the truth: I’m betting it’s all going to be worth it. I’m betting we do it. We pull this thing off. With every sacrifice, every discomfort, every challenge, we become resourceful, knowledgeable, and persistent. I don’t think there’s a finish line, success doesn’t present itself as a checkpoint, rather we find it in small victories. For everything in between, I give you this blog. I hope you’ll find small nuggets of inspiration and encouragement.