3 Important Things I've Learned From My Business Partner

Anna Vatuone
Anna and Jenna

My business partner, Jennifer Edmon, and I have known each other for more than 15 years now. Before we were founders, we were friends. We spent our childhood summers riding bikes through our hometown, practicing for cheerleading competitions, and even attending summer camps together. Jennifer was even my camp counselor at one point. Sorry Jenna, I’m dating you a bit ;) We have a long history of friendship under our belts and I’m lucky to work with a woman whom I’ve looked up to since I was a little girl.

Business and friendship don’t often mix and when they do it’s complicated. Though I see our friendship as an advantage; it’s a part of what makes our story and company so compelling and unique. Today I’m sharing my 3 takeaways inspired by my business partner, Jennifer Edmon.

Young Girls in Camp

Start by Starting

When J came to me with the idea for Event Hollow, I was totally impressed. What impressed me more than the idea, however, was her aptness to simply start. She has a drive and ambition that few people can replicate. I am always inspired by her ability to assess difficult problems and find quick solutions to those problems. She never lets fear, anxiety, or negligence get in the way of what needs to get done.

Young Girls

Shake it Off

Jenna and I have both faced difficult situations, especially when dealing with clients, investors, or partners. I have a tendency to let things get to me; to dwell, to be affected by how people perceive me. J has taught me how to shake it off, to move on, to pick myself up, and to start over again. In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship there is no time to dwell on misfortunes or honest mistakes. You are judged by your resilience. How will you move forward? How will you learn from your mistakes?  

Confidence is Key

I remember the very first networking event we attended as founders. I was blown away by J’s confidence in conversation. If there were any doubts or uncertainties, you would never know it by speaking to her. She thinks quick on her feet, is never afraid by what she doesn’t fully know, and will never play shy when it comes to the importance of her company. Jenna has self-assurance and I have learned from her the necessity of boldness and courage in the startup ecosystem that is predominantly run by men. People may try to undermine you, challenge your intellect, and they may even question your place in your company. Confidence is a means of combating this and is so important to possess if you want people to listen to and respect you.

My friendship with J has provided me support, encouragement, and inspiration that is invaluable to my career. As friends, we build each other up. As business partners, we challenge each other in a healthy way. I’m thankful for the opportunity with a woman who shares my same values and passions.


P.S. If you want to learn more about how we launched Event Hollow, you can read that article here.

Anna Vatuone