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Personal Brand Strategist & Designer

Meet Anna Vatuone

People, purpose, and passion are the cornerstones of Anna’s life. She’s influential, electric, and encouraging. From her keynote presentations, to her conversations with clients, to the content she publishes, Anna is in pursuit of finding deep value and purpose in everything she does.

Anna is the cofounder and brand manager of Event Hollow: a marketplace of top-tier wedding professionals. During her time at Event Hollow Anna has grown the company’s social media presence from 0 to 15k+ collectively in only a few short months. She continues to build Event Hollow’s band awareness as the lead marketer and creative strategist alongside her team. After establishing herself as a creative strategist and branding expert, Anna began consulting with individuals looking to advance their careers, establish new partnerships, and make themselves available to a wider network of opportunity. Anna offers a wide variety of personal branding services including web design, social media optimization, brand strategy and more.

Anna is a well-connected speaker, consultant, and social media influencer who writes regularly on all things business, branding, and lifestyle through an artistic and style-centered lens. This year, Anna has partnered with a handful of noteworthy brands; including Amazon, Daniel Wellington, Sutro Footwear, Rockbox, and Mapiful. She hopes to empower individuals through her stories, photographs, and personal branding expertise. She is transparent in sharing her professional (and sometimes very personal) journey with you; the highs and lows, the advice she wish she would have read, and ultimately her willingness to say, yes.

Welcome, may you feel empowered.